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Joe’s more than capable of spray painting and mural work, panel beating, welding, fibreglasser, designer and fabricator just to mention a few. These skills have all attributed to what and where he is today!

Joe initially started out in the panel shop trade when he was a teenager, just 14 years old. His first up effort in the custom world was actually a 62 EK Holden called “Shady Lady”; back then Chevy’s weren’t cheap so this type of car was an affordable alternative for a young man.

It was then that he quickly began to learn the art of flaring guards, rolling pans and stone trays plus the mixing and applying custom paint and general bodywork. And from there on in it was all Chevy’s for Joe as he realized the iconic values of his craft back then.

In the earlier years of his career he was a paint and panel beating teacher at Richmond night school for over seven years. But after a while and with a family settled he went over to the boat world. It was then that the art of fibreglassing evolved. Joe was keen and efficient producing everything from repairs to hulls and eventually complete boat builds,this included building a boat for the Southern 80. Time went by and he finally got the urge to venture into the bike building world. His first up effort was a street custom called “Diamonds Forever”.

This made the cover and featured in Heavy Duty magazine (Australia’s number one Harley-Davidson magazine). Not a bad first up effort. Since then he has been down many paths learning and applying his many skills to many and variable types of work. Today Joe owns and runs Pega Custom Cycles. He’s been established in the bike building and modification for over eleven years to date.

This has seen Joe of PCC produce everything from custom enhancements, major rebuilds, choppers and complete street custom builds from scratch. If you want to peruse your eyes over some of his achievements of late then look no further than the October issue of Live to Ride. It’s there you will find a recent street custom rolled out of his work shop. It’s yet another eye catching creation from PCC in Melbourne.

Joe’s been running Pega Custom Cycles for some years now, with many of his creations gracing the pages of Live to Ride and Heavy Duty in the past. And one thing about Joe, he doesn’t stick with the same format for very long; he’s always looking for new innovative ideas and design, with quality craftsmanship a priority. So if you are in the market from anything of the afore mentioned then get in contact with Joe and he’ll be only to happy to have a chat with you in regards to what you are after whether that be enhancement, modification, complete turn key operation or the all new 300 wide arse swing arm to suit late model V Rods!!!.

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